Thursday, April 15, 2010

love, tissue

These Trader Joe’s Tissue’s still make me smile every time I come near them! 

They are uniquely Trader Joe’s and the ultimate witty little antidote to the bland, safe graphics found on your typical tissue box. 
Beautifully illustrated in nineteenth century line art, they vividly describe the four most useful things for the humble tissue with a clever warning on top not to leave them in your pocket when you do the laundry.  
Weather you're sad, sick, when you need to pick up icky things, and don't forget the all important–”I’m there when you run out of toilet paper, you’re welcome, tissue”. The tissue is speaking directly to you and is not afriad to sign it’s name endearingly. You can almost hear the little tissue speaking in a squeeky voice as it says “love, tissue”. 
Definitely a tissue box to treasure and pretty soft too.

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